Sunday, 9 December 2012

3, 2, 1 throw!

So this is a bit different to what I normally get up to but when I thought about the idea I couldn't wait to do it. Basically the shoot involved throwing freezing cold water onto a fully clothed friend while she stood there trying to not look freezing cold which we all were! I was so happy with the results when I got home and looked at them and I will definitely doing some more variations of this in the near future, so watch this space i guess!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas begins

Things have been a bit crazy lately with revision for my upcoming exams and sorting out uni stuff I havnt had much chance to actually get out and do what I love which is take pictures, so the opportunity to get some festive pictures was one I could not miss. Heres a couple of pictures from the Christmas Lights switch on in Newquay with the parade afterwards.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day trip for my very loved Olympus and Poloroid

This summer has been crazily busy so when my sister offered me tickets to go to the wheelchair basketball i jumped at the offer, it gave me and my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend and my friend Rob a chance to relax and enjoy each others company and celebrates Robs 18th! It all started of at Newquay bus station on Monday at quarter past 10 where our horrible 8 hour, not a lot of sleep involved, journey began. We arrived at Victoria and pottered around enjoying the beautiful city with the sun out and made our way to North Greenwich for the basketball. It was an amazing experience and was great opportunity to play with a big love of mine, film cameras, I think with film you just think about every shot rather than just pressing the shutter button, after the basketball we got our 8 hour coach journey back to Newquay. Note to self, coaches are not fun, not one bit.

Rob eats a lot. 

me and minnie

i love this picture half of it is a reflection, but i wish i took it not my girlfriend, i am so jealous. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Post Bank Holiday Tiredness

This bank holiday has been a busy one, with not a huge amount of sleep. I have been filming in Berties club, Newquay, as they have had a couple of guest Djs playing. Friday we saw pendulum doing a Dj set and Saturday was the night of Danny Jones from Mcfly doing his vocal Dj set which worked really well and both were a pleasure to film. Filming and shooting in nightclubs was a completely new experience for me and i did really enjoy it, not sure i could do it every night though! Heres a little edit from Friday nights action with Pendulum

Note to self- (Late night filming + working all day + late night editing) x 3 days = zzzzzz

Friday, 24 August 2012

When i get bored

I have always found water fascinating, through growing up next to the beach and seeing waves everyday and being a surfer you have to appreciate it, as the next day it could be completely different, thats why i always love taking pictures of water droplets i think, you can never predict whats going to happen so you just have to prepare as much as possible and let nature take its course. Here are a few i took a couple days ago, i will be posting quite a few in time to come hopefully as i hope to be experimenting with this as much as possible, however its just finding the time to do it!

Boardmasters 2012

Boardmasters ran from the 8-12th of August this year and is a surf, skate, bmx and music festival all rolled into one, here are a few pictures the rest of the album is at my Flickr page. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Electric Beach Festival with De La Soul

Few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a press pass for the Electric Beach Festival down on Watergate bay Newquay, here are a few pictures for more head over to my Flicker Page, it was a great afternoon and the sun even came out for us. The place was rocking all the time i was there and already cannot wait till next year.

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