Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day trip for my very loved Olympus and Poloroid

This summer has been crazily busy so when my sister offered me tickets to go to the wheelchair basketball i jumped at the offer, it gave me and my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend and my friend Rob a chance to relax and enjoy each others company and celebrates Robs 18th! It all started of at Newquay bus station on Monday at quarter past 10 where our horrible 8 hour, not a lot of sleep involved, journey began. We arrived at Victoria and pottered around enjoying the beautiful city with the sun out and made our way to North Greenwich for the basketball. It was an amazing experience and was great opportunity to play with a big love of mine, film cameras, I think with film you just think about every shot rather than just pressing the shutter button, after the basketball we got our 8 hour coach journey back to Newquay. Note to self, coaches are not fun, not one bit.

Rob eats a lot. 

me and minnie

i love this picture half of it is a reflection, but i wish i took it not my girlfriend, i am so jealous. 

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